5 commandments to make your customers happy

5 commandments to make your client happy

Nowadays, gaining a client’s loyalty is 5 to 7 times cheaper than searching for prospects and converting them into clients. No matter the size of your company, gaining your client’s loyalty is crucial. According to a study, 68% of customers no longer purchase a brand’s products if they felt neglected, and of those 68%, 14% do the same if the quality of service was insufficient. Converting a prospect into a client can sometimes be challenging and expensive, so might as well do whatever it takes to earn their loyalty. And what better way to do so then making them happy? To help you in this endeavor, here are 5 tips to satisfy your customers.

1. Have a flawless customer service

Today, having an excellent quality customer service is a major concern for brands and websites. This is where e-client relationship tools like click-to-chat come in handy to convey an optimal customer service. For example, in terms of reactivity: 41% of consumers wish to be answered within 6 hours. With click-to-chat, you’ll be able to instantly answer your clients’ questions with higher efficiency and relevance. The client will be reassured before his purchase and will be accompanied the entire time of his browsing… The chat offers the Internet user access to your advisors’ advice and professionalism who, thanks to this tool, have all the necessary information to answer, to the best of their ability, your prospects’ questions… and thus to convert them into clients.

2. Personalise the customer relationship

The client isn’t just a meager number; he’s a true human being who wants to be treated as such. You need to show him he’s unique by personalizing to the hilt the customer relationship. According to a study, 40% of customers buy more with companies and websites that set humanization at the core of the customer relationship strategy. Therefore, a strategy geared towards personalization must be set up. With click-to-chat, you can customize your answer for each Internet user and accompany him through his purchasing process. Then, the client will be satisfied with the relationship created with the company and will be more inclined to re-purchase with said company.

The clever click-to-chat tool is a real leverage point to distinguish yourself from competitors by relying on the quality of service and the satisfaction of customers. The client hopes that companies will use his data (visited webpages, history of the conversation…) to provide him with a personalized customer experience. You have an opportunity to use his data and send him the right message at the right moment, so why not seize it? It’s a win-win situation: you increase sales and conversation rates; and the client gets quality service, acknowledgement of his tastes and expectations and customized advice.

3. Give your clients a chance to express themselves

Accepting constructive customer returns, whether they be positive or negative, is vital. Those comments will make it possible for you to improve your products and website. Customer service should greet constructive criticism, and see it as an opportunity to better itself. Furthermore, thanks to click-to-chat, you can send a satisfactory questionnaire at the end of the chat. You thus have an immediate feel of the conversation and can further improve your customer support for later times. Knowing that 95% of clients don’t immediately complain when they are discontent, an instant customer return helps limit the aftermath. The objective here is to show the client that you’re listening to him and that you are attentive to his expectations and remarks. The fact of showing interest in his customer experience can reassure the client on your intentions vis-a-vis his needs, and encourage him to come back. Ending the customer experience on a false note isn’t desirable. The satisfaction survey and the conversation with the advisor are ways to ease the client’s discontent and find a solution to the situation. Uncover the motive for his dissatisfaction and find out how you can improve yourself.

4. Anticipate their needs

Forge ahead and offer your clients information, advice or products. Considering the webpages your client has already visited, you can simply suggest alternatives to the products he has looked at. For example, if he looks at a product out of stock, send him via chat a link to a similar product. Thus the customer will be satisfied and you won’t lose a sale.

The advisors’ reaction must be proactive. Click-to-chat gives access to basic information, the tracking of demands in progress, visited webpages… The goal is to help the user in his browsing. Anticipating demands and satisfying visitors are the key to a successful customer support.

5. Reward your most faithful clients

By rewarding your faithful customers, you earn their trust. There are many ways to thank a client. The company can offer gifts like items on sale, samples, exclusive products and free service. An efficient method to encourage purchasing is to show the client the company’s gratitude. Rewarding faithful clients fits into a company’s customer relationship strategy. Each company sets up its own loyalty program, depending on its business sector and the characteristics of its clients.

Don’t forget, having a satisfied customer increases traffic with recurrent visitors and also new visitors who found out about you through word-of-mouth; it increases the turnover, the conversion rate and the ability to gain a client’s loyalty. In short, an efficient and thorough customer relationship strategy is a major leverage point for growth and performance.