Jamespot uses a predictive click-to-chat to improve your conversion rate

JamespotA 16% of conversion rate thanks to Target First’s click-to-chat

Jamespot is a company entirely “made in France”. It was created in 2005 by Alain Garnier, Matthieu Lluis and Paul Giraudon. As a software editor, Jamespot is a social network for companies that facilitates intern communication. Beyond its communication capacities, it also allows you to share documents and manage the implementation of projects. Using a team based in France, their major targets are SMBs, intermediate size companies and major groups.

At Jamespot, continuous research on improving the customer experience is emphasized. After having reflected on their visitors’ needs, Jamespot chose to incorporate Target First’s predictive click-to-chat to improve simultaneously their customer relationships and their sales efficiency.

Jamespot was seduced by the possibility to segment an offer according to the visitor’s profile and the ability to intervene at the right time, without being intrusive.

“Click-to-chat enables us to accompany the client on our website and to offer assistance with greater speed than emailing. Clients are more prompt to purchase if they are accompanied during their customer journey, which is why it is vital to assist them until their purchase of our solution.”

The website is a decisive contact setting for clients and prospects, whether it be to request for a cost estimate or to ask questions about the solution. It’s easier to distinguish new visitors discovering the brand, from those customers who wish to know more about the brand (additional information, cost estimates, etc). On the Jamespot’s website, the click-to-chat is favored by clients who ask questions about pricing, the Jamespot solution or the product’s added value. The ability to converse directly online with a Jamespot advisor is an essential asset to assist visitors and generate qualified leads.

Visitors are more often than not satisfied after chat conversations with a Jamespot, and for several reasons: answers are personalized, immediate and focus on the visitor’s exact needs.

The possibility to instantly satisfy a visitor is therefore real and improves the conversion rate, which materializes into a purchase or a free trial try out.

The main objective in installing a clever chat service was to improve their efficiency in communicating information to their visitors, in satisfying them and to generate qualified leads.

“Prospects searching for a company communication software are dealing with a complex research process. The chat helps target their needs and therefore reassures them. The human contact creates a trusting relationship between the company and Internet users. The solution therefore handles with greater ease the customer relationship with prospects.” according to Céline and Guillaume, responsible for marketing and communication.

To optimize client relationships and humanize their website, click-to-chat has been ideal for Jamespot. It facilitates contact with the hottest prospects and allows for their questions to be answered. “Our clients appreciate the click-to-chat system, but they also appreciate, should our advisors be unavailable, being able to use the form off line. This way they can contact us any time during the day and on every webpage.”

Prospects and visitors use click-to-chat to get an immediate and personalized answer to their questions. Reactivity is therefore essential. That’s why, when a prospect agrees to chat after having received an invitation to chat, the advisor gets an audible and visual signal. Should the advisor be non-available, he can transfer the chat to another available advisor.

“Target First is easy to handle and interactive. We particularly appreciate being easily warned if an Internet user engages a conversation. We are satisfied with the Target First solution.”

We thank Céline and Guillaume for their feedback on Target First.