4 tips to keep your customers loyal

customer loyaltyCompanies work hard at earning their customers’ loyalty. However, once they get it, they tend to slack off and no longer set as a priority the satisfaction of devoted clients. Loyal customers still need and expect personal contact and advice. Satisfying their eagerness to be heard won’t cost you as much as you may think! It would be a preemptive strike, much like giving your wife a large bouquet of flowers for your 40th wedding anniversary – could spare you huge legal fees. Showing your longstanding clients that you care and are paying attention to their wants and needs could save you a lot of money! It’s 5 to 7 times cheaper to gain a customer’s loyalty and keep it, than to search for new prospects and attempt to convert them into clients.

Here are 4 tips to keep established clients happy.

  • Build a trusting relationship

A client never fully trusts a company. He trusts the people he deals with, in other words your staff. Companies with best customer-employee relationships go beyond first name basis. Each party becomes a part of the other’s inner circle and gains access to private, otherwise unreachable, data. Both sides benefit from it. The client sees the type of person the company hires to represent them. He feels remembered and appreciated in a world increasingly connected, yet more and more lacking in human contact. The employee gets to know some of his clients, learn more about their interests, thoughts and dreams – information that would otherwise be labelled “access denied” and that could be exploited at a later time, pending an investigation gauging its value for the company.

  • Train your staff

If a client is loyal to your company, chances are he has had only pleasant and fruitful encounters with members of your staff. So make sure it stays that way! All it takes is one bad customer experience with one of your employees for the customer to blow the whole thing out of proportion and see your entire company embodied in that single employee. Make sure your staff is motivated, concerned by customers satisfaction, believes in the brand and knows everything about it.

  • Raise brand awareness

Make sure your brand and products constantly be in your customers’ minds to maintain their loyalty. Let them know of changes you’ve made in your company, whether it be for your products, brand image, quality of service, return policies, etc. How? Through newsletters, fliers, emails, ads on TV, the radio or social networks,etc.

  • Personalize your approach

Most clients don’t want to be just another customer to you. They want, dare I say need, to feel unique. They need to think you’re going to take particularly good care of them because they’re special to you. They need to believe you treasure your relationship with them. If you can deliver this tall order, they will stay faithful to your brand. Therefore, it’s crucial to personalize each customer experience; or at least, have the client perceive it that way. To do so, don’t hide behind technologies. People respond better to human contact. Various strategies are available to you. You can use tools like Click-to-chat or Click-to-call that humanize an otherwise dry browsing experience. You can send out customized birthday cards, gift cards, holiday greetings, etc. You can grant them discounts and special offers according to the duration of their loyalty: the longer they stay loyal to your brand, the greater the discount.

Follow theses tips and have long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Bonus: your profits will also increase!