Wistee uses the click-to-chat tool that generates qualified prospects


Wistee is a company created in 2005. It specializes in site hosting, domain name booking and servers’ facilities management. Today, Wistee hosts over 10 000 websites! Wistee sets itself apart from its competitors by its customer relationship strategy that aims to offer support and a customized accompaniment. It also aspires a company’s employee to be reactive and where only a single advisor is used, one of its many advantages.

Wistee’s activity is also growing by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. Wistee’s market strategy is to sell SSL certificates at a lower price than those set by the market, all the while sharing with its clients its expertise and the quality of its accompaniment. Its strategy and positioning has made Wistee a rising star in the sector.

It’s in this setting, built around improving customer relationships and optimizing conversion rates, that Wistee and Target First met, in a rather unusual way, says Christophe Kasse.

“A shared client of ours wished to secure its e-commerce website by using a SSL certificate, but he didn’t know how to install it. So we did it for him. As we activated the https on various modules, we discovered Target First. In addition to optimizing our conversion rate, Target First improves the quality of our customer service. This company is even used by major CAC 40 firms that don’t wish, at first and then again placing an order, to disclose their identity.”

Click-to-chat, a genuine tool to help visitors with their purchases

Wistee’s objective was to install a tool able to help its visitors with their purchases. Target First has been installed specifically for SSL certificates as it is on this page that visitors need to be accompanied the most. Installing a click-to-chat therefore meets a real need for a personalized visitor’s accompaniment, especially as SSL certificates are a complex domain in which it is difficult to choose the right product on one’s own. Thus the stakes are high; the turnover greatly depends on the quality of the visitor’s accompaniment during his browsing. Advising its visitors and meeting their needs is essential for Wistee.

Another advantage that Wistee benefits from with the Target First tool is the behavioral targeting that detects interested visitors according to their browsing history, and especially according to the products they looked at. When a visitor meets pre-programmed targeting criteria, an invitation to chat is automatically sent. This invitation seeks to encourage the visitor to chat with an advisor, in order to benefit from his advice and therefore chose the right product.

“Target First is a proactive live chat that focuses on sending personalized messages according to the type of product visited by the prospect; and that’s what we need. What’s the advantage? If the customer responds to the automatic invitation, we know straight away that he’s interested. Live chat gives us a chance to steer our clients towards the most suitable product.” declares Christophe Kasse.

A meeting point approved and appreciated by visitors

Live chat is a well approved and popular communication channel with visitors. It offers an efficient alternative to phone calls and emails. Many visitors dislike talking on the phone or fear a too long email response time. Therefore, they turn to tools that deliver the advantages of a “traditional” customer service and none of the “inconveniences”, certifies Christophe.

“In our business, and particularly when it comes to SSL certificates, nearly every client needs advice and to be guided to the most suitable product… But some don’t think to call us, so Target First is an excellent way to engage with them… Live chat is approved because it’s immediate, personalized and, above all, anonymous. It’s a good way to get in touch with the company. It’s even used by major companies that don’t wish to disclose their identity.”

Incidentally, Target First’s live chat not only delights Wistee, but also seems to thrill its clients! “Customer feedbacks are very positive. Target First’s tool makes it possible for us to be very reactive, and that’s what customers want… Furthermore, they can chose which advisor they talk to, the monitoring is very efficient.”

Click-to-chat, a tool for the creation of value

Wistee and its visitors are satisfied with Target First’s tool, especially with the features they offer. If Christophe Kasse were to state his three favorite Target First features, they would be: “the proactive chat, the monitoring of the customer’s journey and the click-to-call”. These features make Target First efficient and give good results according to him. But that’s not all, the accompaniment and the proximity of the relationship between Target First and Wistee are leading factors in the pertinence of the tool.

“Target First has already improved its solution much to our liking. For example, the sending of the prospect’s phone number via email when he consents to a click-to-call-back. It’s very efficient!” asserts Christophe.

Click-to-chat doesn’t just provide a new meeting point between Wistee and its visitors. It also has beneficial effects on Wistee’s activity and performance, particularly on its turnover.

“For businesses in which giving advice is important, the turnover must have increased by 10 to 15% thanks to Target First.

We would like to thank Wistee for its testimony and feedback about Target First.