Customer experience: 7 figures relating to the use of a predictive live chat

7 reasons

Consumers want a quality customer service. The time has come to build relationships and to humanize the browsing experience. Evidently, to offer a quality customer service to your visitors, you have to have the right tools to meet their needs. Predictive live chat solutions give your Internet users a personalized and humanized experience which improves satisfaction, commitment, conversion and average cart rates.

The impact of a predictive live chat on a website’s performance is positive and ranks live chat solutions among the most favored communication channels by consumers. Here are 7 figures that illustrate this tendency:

  • More than 90% of Internet users wish to live an ongoing experience using all the communication channels available from a same firme. Live chat is a multi-channelled tool that provides the visitor with a unified experience using all the communication channels and relates to his personal needs. Being able to chat with a company from a smartphone, tablet or PC is a source of real comfort.

  • 82% of Internet users confess they are more reassured if the online store has a chat system with an advisor. Reassurance and trust are two turning points in securing a purchase. Being able to benefit from personalized assistance at any time contributes to these two elements, and thus to a confirmed order.

  • More than 8 Internet users out of 10 need assistance in the payment funnel. It’s a key step in finalizing the order. Many Internet users abandon the transaction when they reach the cart and payment confirmation point. Featuring the chat window on those pages, re-stating that the Internet user can benefit from real time assistance, can reduce abandonment rate.

  • Internet users dislike having to make efforts when browsing to find what they’re looking for. They want their browsing experience to be productive, not a waste of time. Research proves this point. 94% of Internet users state that if the company provides tools to help their browsing and offers them assistance, they’ll buy more on the website and will tend to stay loyal to the brand. Predictive live chat solutions facilitate a user’s click stream by sending the right message to the right person at the right time, creating fluidity, immediacy and pertinence.

  • 9 Internet users out of 10 that have already used a live chat instrument on a website are satisfied with their experience. The advantages users noticed were the ability to solve their problem or to assist them during their browsing session, the pertinence of the aid and the availability of the service (real time and immediate response).

  • 81% of companies that built their strategy around a quality customer relationship stand out from their competitors in the eyes of the consumer. Companies and websites that chose to listen to their clients’ needs in order to offer them a suited service have been rewarded since consumers prefer this said website and thus tend to not go to competitors. Predictive live chat meets many of their needs. For instance, the need to be listened to, the need for immediate action, personalized attention and the creation of a human customer relationship.

  • 69% of clients will remain loyal to a brand if the website incorporates tools to help their browsing session. The website should also facilitate their journey as a customer. It’s an important point since loyalty is a major challenge for e-commerce today, especially when you look at the surge in the cost of acquiring a new client. Earning a customer’s loyalty is 5 to 7 times cheaper than acquiring a new one. And a customer’s loyalty is only won through the quality of service and the experience offered on the website.

These figures demonstrate the impact a predictive live chat can have on a website’s business performances. Customer relationships are clearly no longer an expense but a real growth leverage. Consumers know how to spot companies that make sure they deliver a quality experience and that make their customer’s satisfaction a priority. Thanks to new customer relationship tools, it’s never been so easy to provide Internet users with a fulfilling experience. No company wants to miss out on such a significant opportunity for growth, especially since consumers ask more and more for personalized experiences. They don’t just buy a product, they purchase an experience.