4 pieces of advice to improve the quality of your chat assistance

4 steps to get the most out of chat assistance

Reactivity must be your ally

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, whether it be in terms of the quality of the product, its availability, the speed of the website, etc. But they are also increasingly impatient, particularly when it comes to getting assistance. Incidentally, 63% of French Internet users say that too long of a waiting time is the most “irritating” of circumstances. An estimated too long waiting period is estimated according to the communication channel: 2 to 4 minutes for assistance via phone call, less than 24h via email and less than 2 minutes via chat. Beyond this timeframe, the probability that the visitor gets frustrated and leaves the website is greater. Reactivity is a major challenge since 34% of Internet users find reactivity and availability of the customer service to be one of the main criteria for satisfaction.

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