Why get personal with your customers?

Why get personal According to Comarketing, 67% of cyberbuyers say they would rather purchase in a store online offering personalized services. This buyer’s behavior has revolutionized the way we do business. Clients are now the center of attention. They expect to be wooed by their many suitors. They will have no qualms going to a competitor if the suitor does not meet their expectations even though they may be repeat customers. A customized service, much like a courtship, is your best bet to win over the heart of your customers. If nothing else, personalization is a win-win strategy: Internet users live a quality customer experience and the website’s performances improve in all aspects: average cart content, loyalty, conversion rates, etc.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should customize your process:

  • Set yourself apart from your competitors

Globalization is a double-edged sword for corporations. It creates new markets and new opportunities. Customers around the world are dazzled by products they previously didn’t know existed. But by merging markets worldwide – the same product being offered around the world – globalization toughens competition. Businesses must fiercely compete with new and foreign entrants. This environment calls for drastic changes in market strategy, one of which being customer personalization. Companies which offer a personalized service, increase their market shares. Data collection on consumers and prospects as well as channel identification will set you apart in this toughened environment.

  • Promote customer loyalty

Customizing your approach gives your client relationship a more intimate tone and enhances your brand image. Customers feel they are “special” and their voice is heard. They will thus be more likely to stick with your brand and become devoted repeat customers. Building brand loyalty can be expensive. Personalization brings down that expense by collecting only data on your clients’ specific wants and needs. You save money on research and improve your profitability.

  • Save time and money

Personalization puts the client at the heart of your strategy. Analysing his browsing behavior makes it easier for you to pinpoint which complementary items he might be interested in. Tools such as automatic selection of recommended items, proactive click to chat, personalized emails written based on customers’ behavior or choice of previous purchases, etc. save you and your client valuable time. Your clients enjoy a reactive and instant service. Your employees’ performances improve since they’re no longer walking blindfolded in uncharted territories.

  • Guarantee a quality customer experience

Be savvy when it comes to your strategy, particularly regarding customer experience. It’s often an emotional link which bonds a client to a given brand. A website purchase is an impersonal act. Live chat is among the better devices you can use to recreate that link. Studies show that 9 out of 10 Internet users say they are satisfied with the outcome of a live chat. They appreciate the personalized advice your employees give them. Clients will not hesitate to surrender personal data to secure a personalized service. The emotional bond with the brand is reestablished. The client no longer feels like a mere number.

  • Increase sales

Internet users may at time behave like children, and be very impatient. Studies reveal that 75% of them leave a website if they don’t find what they were looking for in less than 2 minutes. Guiding them in their research is crucial. Once you’ve collected and analyzed enough data, you are in a position to personalize pop-ups advertising discounts, special offers, recommendations, etc. or predictive click to chat tools. They decrease cart abandonments while increasing conversion rates and the average cart value. Your sales pick up. Additional recommendations for complementary products can be scattered throughout various pages on your websites: the product page, the cart page, the order confirmation page, etc. These suggestions are connected with previous or foreseeable purchases. For example, if a client orders a scarf, suggest a hat or a pair of gloves. On average, total value of carts increases over 20% thanks to purchases made from complementary suggested products.

Being personal means keeping the emotional bonds which links your clients to  your brand alive. It’s gathering the right information, at the right time, from the right person. These 5 aforementioned reasons to get personal will personalize your brand without crossing over your customers’ privacy sphere.