Culture vélo uses click to chat to generate client visits in their store

Culture vélo23% increase in conversion rates because visitors are assisted via chat

Presentation of the Culture Vélo establishment

Part of the Cyclelab group and the number on in sales channel for bicycles in France, Culture vélo sells new and second-hand bicycles, parts and accessories. With over 15 years of experience, Culture vélo owns today 80 shops and offers a very wide range of products – over 60,000 references.

Hoping to create a more intimate customer service, Culture Vélo designed the Culture Vélo ecommerce website 5 years ago. With the same frame of mind, following the rise in web-to-store mentalities, Culture Vélo decides to set up a clever click to chat on its website to inform clients at key moments during their purchasing experience.

This establishment evolved serving a resolute concept: “the bicycle is a solution” in terms of mobility, cultural fulfillment, athletic passion and physical or economic commitment. Employees at Culture Vélo are passionate about cycling. They bring real expertise to Internet users and give them quality advice.

Humanizing customer relationships

On the Internet, e-purchasers can choose to be delivered at home or directly in the store. In shops, salesmen face two majors tasks: logistic coordinator and advisor. The products sold can sometimes be quite technical and require the staff’s assistance. The website embodies the primary source of information for clients at Culture Vélo. Online advisors assist Internet users and reassure them. Customers thus don’t hesitate to come to the store to finalize their purchases.

“We wanted to guarantee the same quality of service both online and in the store. Buying a bicycle constitutes an investment for the client. Click to chat is a tool to reassure the customer. Most consumers contact us for information on our bicycles, sizes, various models or the availability of the product. We help our clients online, reassure them and invite them to come to the store. For some of our most expensive items, a customer passionate about bicycling won’t falter to come to the shop to finalize his purchase. The consumer needs to see the bicycle and try it out before buying it.”

— Benoit Haesen, Culture Vélo

The chat, an additional communication channel for good customer relationships

By choosing the Target First solution, Culture Vélo wanted to meet a double objective: accompany visitors in their browsing experience and generate visits to the shop. Culture Vélo saw in Target First the best solution for targeting clients in search of information, for guiding them and for increasing conversion rates in their store.

Thanks to the click to chat solution, Culture Vélo increased by 23% its conversion rate. Each conversation lasts approximately 11 minutes and each agent handles a maximum of 3 conversations at a time in order to guarantee an optimal response time.

Chat conversations are managed internally by several advisors and is destined to be taken up by a majority of shops. Today, 55 stores are part of the ecommerce network. The goal is to connect stores with one another. The activity is highly seasonal and is at its zenith in early Spring. To face this seasonal facet, Culture Vélo must prove to be agile to generate human and technical resources. To do so, Culture Vélo set up 7 targeting rules to offer assistance to Internet users that need it the most.

Goals reached

“The Target First chat tool meets all of our demands and has a very good price-quality ratio. It’s an instrument both complete and simple to use. Today, it’s our leading tool on our ecommerce website. To direct our customers towards the most appropriate product to meet their demands, the ability to consult Internet users’ browsing history in real time is very useful. To deal with the seasonal facet, the pre-programmed sentences help us optimize our time in treating demands. Finally, we can review the complete contact history and thus understand their tendencies, which is vital in our line of business.”

— Benoit Haesen, Culture Vélo