5 ways to give your CX game plan the kick it needs

CX game planA loud brouhaha, a field greener than green, painted faces and waving flags. The whistle blows and kicks-off the game! The UEFA Euro 2016 has caused a sweet frenzy in the air as thousands of fans around Europe gather in hopes of seeing their country reach the finals. All eyes are on the players, who secretly look to their coaches for guidance. The latters are perfecting their game plan to ensure a victory. You can do the same! Use these 5 tips to polish your customer experience strategy!

  • Be on the ball

A customer expects a pass and move strategy from you, where interactions are swiftly conducted. In order to provide a strong and constant communication flow between you and your clients, you need the right kind of support system. First, make your website mobile friendly. 63% of consumers search online several times a month for customer and product support. Adapt your software to mobile devices to avoid any display inconsistencies, slow loading time or “not searchable” messages. Second, be omni-channel with a centralized customer support platform. This will not only ensure easy access to your support system, but also guarantee your customers they won’t have to repeat themselves. Indeed, they can speak with you anytime, anywhere and don’t have to echo their request or problem to different service departments. Third, use click-to-chat. It’s the easiest way for a client to contact a company without being put on hold for hours on end.

  • Don’t kick and rush

If your selling process lacks structure, your customers will feel it. Instead of an unsure long shot, build your strategy in such a way that a mere tap suffices to land a new client. Show them you’ve taken an interest in their wants and needs, and are trying to meet their expectations. In simple terms, show them you care. How? By remembering their name and preferences, keeping your promises, fixing their problem in record time, asking their opinion and actually taking their advice (when possible), etc.

  • Give them a free kick

Whether you were at fault or not, award your clients a free kick or freebie when they feel wronged. It will go a long way, particularly in this economy. Gifts may also be granted for no particular reason. Frequent discounts and special offers make for happy customers. Free information is also well appreciated. For example, offer a free guide or report on your company, products or services as a thank you for signing up for your weekly newsletter.

  • Offer your customers a replay

In certain cup competitions, when a soccer game ends with a tie, a replay between the opposing teams is set for a later date. At the convened meet, both sides resume the match, as if no time lapse had foregone. The same rule applies for your website. A repeat visitor wants to resume his search as if he had never left your website. He does not want to look for the same information for the second or third time. Make it easy for him to take up his search by clearly featuring past preferences and purchases based on previous experiences.

  • Know the score

For you to be aware of the quality of your customer experience policy, you can’t be in a ball watching state, fixated on your turnover. You need to get the ball rolling and measure customer satisfaction. It will indicate which areas need improvement. To know how to measure customer satisfaction, see our previously published article: Measuring and listening to customer satisfaction, a real asset for your website.

Thanks to these tips, be your own game changer and improve your customer experience.