To chat or not to chat? That is the question…

To chat or not to chatSince the dawn of time, mankind has sought ways to better communicate, no matter the challenges at hand. He has grunted, mimed, talked, used body language, sign language, paralanguage; he has scribbled, sketched, written, typed, texted and tweeted. As the Shakespearian voice fades away and is replaced by a not-yet identifiable spoken language,  the written word has taken an unforeseeable spin. The NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies) have made it possible for us to speak, instantly, with a trained professional, through typing or texting, to get information on a desired product or service. Click-to-chat has revolutionized our shopping experience with immediate personal assistance. However, most of us regress to our primitive state when faced with a new high-tech product or service. We stare at it, slowly slide forward, gently tap it before rushing back to our observation post. This article exposes the state-of-the-art creature so you can make an informed decision as: “To chat or not to chat?”.


  • Immediate access

Click-to-chat was created to provide immediate attention to a customer, using an average response time of under a minute. The aim is to give the online consumer the illusion he has just walked up to a staff member in a store and has asked a question. Naturally, the employee doesn’t make a bolt for the door, but smiles and forthwith answers the customer’s enquiry.

  • Personal touch

Most of the time, agents post their name and picture at the top of the chat box. Again, the idea is to personalize to the hilt an otherwise dry conversation held with a piece of machinery. Speaking live with a live agent is already a more intimate experience than one spent with cold emails or robotic phone support systems.

  • Time efficiency

Time is money. How many times have we heard or used this idiom? More times than we care to admit to. Why? Because it’s true, beyond the extent of money. In a world where fast is the new slow and opportunities spring up from the ground like mushrooms, we are all eager to use our time wisely, whether it be in the professional or private arena. An hour spent with phone support is an hour lost from working on that deposition or away from your kid’s birthday party. With click-to-chat, lose absolutely, and unequivocally, no time.

  • Stress-free

We’ve all had the discomforting experience of calling customer support, staying on hold for eons while listening to bad jingles before finally speaking to someone with, and I’m sorry to say it, a strange and barely understandable accent. Some of us also have the thirteenth Hercules labor to perform, that is to spell out our name over the phone. The other end of the receiver is tone deaf to the differences between “m”s and “n”s or “b”s and “p”s. Click-to-chat annihilates such troubles and provides a relaxing customer experience.

  • Free of charge

There is no sweeter sound to one’s ears than the melody of the spoken words: “It’s free”. Not being charged for a product or service gives us more leeway to maneuver and do what we actually want to do. Instead of spending your money on phone fees for customer support, use click-to-chat with no extra cost, no matter the country you are communicating from, and buy that special teapot you’ve had your eye on for your mother’s birthday!

So… are you chat yet?