Pokémon Go: A new dimension to customer experience!

Pokemon GoYou’ve probably heard of the Pokémon Go phenomenon occurring as I write. If you haven’t, shame on you! Just kidding.. Well guess what? You can use this trend for inspiration for your customer experience strategy. Yup, really!

What is Pokémon Go?

Basically, Pokémon Go brings to life creatures concocted to entertain children and expand their power of imagination. The word Pokémon is a combination of “Pocket” and “Monster”. Their first international mania was back in 1996, when children played Pokémon on their game boys, before upgrading to the Nintendo. The game consists in capturing “monsters” into a tiny red ball and taming them. The objective is to become the best tamer of all time and use your monsters to fight. This may seem a little bleak. However, set up in the real world, where people venture out in their neighborhood to hunt these creatures, it has done wonders. Other than bringing out in us the suppressed child due to the inevitable task of adulthood, this game incarnates the sought after customer experience.

What the game has done for us

Let’s face it. Work can be challenging and give us a sense of self worth. But most of the time, it’s dreary, draining, frustrating and irritating. So we seek entertainment elsewhere. The makers of Pokémon Go have not only given us the amusement, but have also made us the actors of our distraction, which is much more efficient and long-lasting in the “forgetting the troubles of life” process than passive entertainment.

In the game, the creatures hold powers, proper to their nature. It seems as though some of that magic has rubbed off on us. We have been bewitched with the ability to renew with our original status: brotherhood and sisterhood. Recent tragic events have made it hard to ignore the rancor and division in the world. Yet people of all walks of life are gathering in the streets for a common purpose, catch Pokémons, and are meeting one another in the most unconventional way. The game simply brings people together again.

Another well-appreciated characteristic of Pokémon Go is the element of surprise, the not-knowing what could be right around the corner. Will I find Mew? Electhor? Artikodin? (for those of you still illiterate to Pokémon talk, those are some of the rarest Pokémons, very hard to fall upon). The game reminds us of some of the “good” mystery life can hold.

How the game relates to customer experience

If we take Pokémon Go to a larger a scale, we see it embodies what consumers want. They look for a fun customer experience in which they are fully active. They desire personal, real and seemingly tangible relationships with the people they are doing business with. They want to be dazzled by something they didn’t expect.

So why not try to make a game out of the customer experience you provide?