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An immediate and predictive solution that connects people

Target First helps you convert more visitors into buyers

Click To Chat

Chat with your users in real time. The chat window is offered either to all your visitors, or only to targeted ones.

Web Call Back / Click to Call

Turn your traffic into calls. Your users leave their phone number and are called back immediately for free.


Delegate less value tasks to a personalized and smart robot (prospect pre-qualification for example, etc.)


Allow your visitor to leave a message while your busy or offline.

Push Marketing

Push marketing messages when your visitor is targetting, like special offer or special event for example.

User tracking

Even before chatting, you can view visitors’ profiles in real time, (see their browsing history, the products in their cart, etc.)

Prospect identification

Identify the hottest customers that you should follow up with as a priority in real-time, based on their scores.

Prospect targeting

Target high added value customers in real time, based on behavioral filters you’ve defined.

Proactive chat

Based on their browsing behavior, offer your targeted users the opportunity to start a discussion by live chat in real time.

Multichannel – Multisupport

Target First monitors all your visitors, whether they’re using the Web, tablets or mobiles…

Reporting and analytics

The statistics provide detailed reports on previous chats, agents’ activities and the ROI.

A unified backoffice

Guarantee support across various channels (chat, phone, email) using the same backoffice. The visitor’s profile is upgraded by your notes and comments.


Visualize in real time your prospects’ screen and follow their navigation course to perfect your assistance.


Adapt the chat window to your website: your agent’s picture, the page placement, the colors, the messages, and much more.


Gain access to a highly productive technology, a secured backoffice and https from anywhere


Connect Target First to other tools used by your company to meet your specific needs.


Target First est disponible dans de nombreuses langues. Idéal pour assister vos visiteurs internationaux.


The chat bubble is automatically compatible with your visitors’ screen, for an even better customer experience.