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Proactive chat: Reassure your customers

Some chat practices make me think of a halloween creepy costume contest. Simply terrifying!! New technologies will give your agents much information about your online visitors – It may feel big-brotherish at times. The targeting tools are designed to make the intervention of a salesperson on a website, helpful and contextual – If used properly, […]

Can you afford a targeted chat?

I often get the question: Can I afford a targeted chat? My answer is usually: Can you afford not to have one? – and for sure, you cannot afford a basic chat. Chat is a powerful tool in the marketing manager’s toolbox, but it can also be an expensive proposition – and not always for […]

Time for a reality check

The word escape is a fickle and deceitful concept, much like Iago in Shakespeare’s play Othello, who plots and manipulates by trapping others in a tangled web of lies and playing on their weaknesses. The first image that comes to mind when thinking of the word escape is usually the structure of a massive and […]

A divine digital era

It’s too late to backtrack now. We’re in too deep. We have officially thwarted the laws of nature and defied the Gods. We are condemned to carry the weight of our stilted visionary outlook on life. We mustn’t quiver, but kneel proudly and endure the consequences of our actions, akin to Atlas, sentenced to bear […]