multi-channel multi-support

Live chat : Assist you qualified prospects in real time

Increase your conversion rate thanks to personnalized commitment and time limited offers

Engage your customers when they are on your website by sending them targeted messages during the key surfing moments. Bring the discussion out with your qualified by sending a proactive live chat or push you special offers via the appearance of the pucsh marketing. The chat, pushed to qualified prospects or offered as a support, improve the overall customer browsing experience.

Chat proactive invitation

Push marketing

The solution is multichannel and works on all platforms: pc, tablet, smartphone

Click to chat

Give to your qualified prospects their favorite communication channel: the click to chat. Encourage your users to talk to you by pushing them a targeted chat at the key navigation moment.

Contact form

By default when the agents are offline, a contact form appears. Your users can contact you on each page. You can also not display the chat window when your agents are offline

Click to call

By offering the button of immediat call back, your users can leave their phone number and ask to be called back immediately.

Why should you choose Target First live chat ?

Improve you conversion rate

With the targeting of your most qualified prospects, assist your future customers and increase your conversion rate. Results : Anincrease of +20% on average of the conversion rate for our customers.

Reduce your prospects acquisition costs

Identify in real time qualified prospects or who need assistance according to the score assigned. In BtoB, identify companies online.

Increase your sales

Your agents assist prospects with higher added value. Measure the impact of their support on sales generated with the sales tracking tag.

Simple. Intuitive. Efficient.

Target First chat meets all our requirements and is very good value for money. It is a tool that is both complete and easy to use. Today it is the most important tool on our ecommerce website.
Benoit Haesen
Benoit HaesenCulture Vélo
Beyond the speed with which the service was set up, we are satisfied with the quality of the prospects generated by the tele-advisers. ROI far exceeds our expectations.
Julien Villeneuve
Julien VilleneuveKaufman & Broad
Target First is easy take in hand and interactive. We particularly appreciate being able to push the tool only to interested prospects. Today, 80% of chats are commercially interesting and our conversion rate is now 64%. We recommend Target First.
Fabrice LE PAGE
Fabrice LE PAGEBitdefender